Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2018

The Mayflower Appeal: the Bishop’s Lent Appeal is to raise £12,000 to complete a hall, classrooms and office to help children in Mayflower, one of the poorest areas in our twinned diocese of The Highveld in South Africa.

The Bishop writes:
We try to support our brothers and sisters in the Highveld, through exchange visits, our prayers and also in financial contributions. Following my visit to the Highveld two years ago and subsequent visits by other members in the Diocese, I wish to focus the Lenten appeal this year upon enhancing educational provision in one of the poorest areas of the Highveld, called Mayflower. The Mayflower School, which was opened in 2007, provides education for 120 children. However, there is not enough practical space for all the children to receive an education. On the school site, there is an incomplete hall where there are plans for another two classrooms and an office to be built. This hall therefore will be used by the pre-school in the mornings as the school has outgrown their classrooms as well as a ‘safe park’ in the afternoon. ‘Safe Parks’ provide the opportunity for those children who, because of illnesses in the family, have had to take up parental responsibilities and therefore do not always have the space or time to ‘be’ children. Training of home-based carers will also take place here during the school holidays. The hall will not only serve the school but the surrounding community. I have stood in the middle of the hall which consists of a base, upward supports and a roof. There are no walls, no windows, no doors, no furnishings and no electricity because funding ran out several years ago. The cost of realising the vision of building the hall, of completing the classrooms and office, is £12,000. I believe as a Diocese, we can raise that amount through our Lenten giving. Father Ruben, the parish priest of Mayflower, says:

“The completion of this building will be a huge boost to this area. The Anglican Church will be seen as a beacon of light and known as a centre of caring and commitment to the community in which it serves.”

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