Waiting, watching, willing

On Sunday we heard the story of Mary and Joseph taking the baby Jesus to the Temple ‘to present him to the Lord’ as was the custom. (Read it here.) Of all the people who were in the Temple that day, two of them, Simeon and Anna, joyfully recognised in this baby the promised Messiah.

Neither of them were socially important people, not the movers and shakers of their world. They were what were known as ‘the quiet in the land’, faithful, prayerful, people who longed to see God’s promised Messiah. While they were waiting they were watching for signs of God at work, watching for what needed to be done, and willing to fall in with God’s plan.

That is a good model for us in both parish and personal life:
waiting to see what God is wanting to bring about (rather than blindly following our own agenda),
watching for ways in which to prepare for that (like a gardener preparing the ground for planting),
– and willing to work with whatever ideas God presents to us.

In your quiet times you might like to think about that and ask God to show you how to put it into practice.

And, you might like to read the story of Simeon and Anna and imagine you are there. What strikes you? How do you respond to the baby who is the promised Saviour?

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