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Thinking about Communion (i)

We have now moved into ordinary time – green time – the Sundays after Pentecost/Trinity when we read through one of the gospels (this year it’s Luke) and try to grow in our Christian faith.
I’m proposing to spend time looking at the service of Holy Communion / Eucharist / Mass (yes, that’s not a common Anglican term but it is worth thinking what its root is).
What is in the service, why it’s there, what the pattern, the shape of the service is.

I’m going to start at the beginning – The Gathering (or, in the 1984 service, The Preparation): Continue reading

Highs and lows

Once upon a time I was very suspicious when life seemed to be really good, as if happiness was a dire warning! There seemed to have been so many times when from a high I crashed down into a low. I have learned, of course, that life is always a mix of good and difficult, that often the seeming disaster does have a silver lining, and the assurance of good times can carry me through when things get tough. I have learned to be better at noticing the many blessings of life, so often unrecognised amidst the grumbles. Continue reading